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Our goal is to share our experiences and knowledge to our community and to promote excellence in the fields of plumbing & heating.

Is your Plumber really a Plumber?

‚ÄčIf you live in small towns or rural areas in Pennsylvania, the answer may be no. Pennsylvania is a state that does not have any statewide regulations regarding plumbing. Towns like Shrewsbury, New Freedom Delta and many others do not require any sort of training to do plumbing as a business. Since you literally stake your life on your plumber know...
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Why So Many Water Heater Failures in York County PA?

Why So Many Water Heater Failures in York County PA?
 Water Heaters for the most part will last 10 years or more with just a little bit of maintenance. As I work in homes and businesses across York County I often hear folks talking about different brands of water heaters and how some will outlast others. Sadly, many of the brands are made on the same assembly lines in China and at the end of the...
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Key Property Services Launches Blog.

Key Property Services is launching a blog to promote best practices in the plumbing, heating and solar power industries. We hope to make the conversation relevant and useful to the community we serve. Although our service area is all of York County and most of Lancaster counties we will focus as much as we can on our immediate neighbors in Shrewsbu...
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